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Work Permit Consultant in Mississauga

Work Permit Consultant in Mississauga

If you want to work in Canada temporarily, you need a valid work permit Consultant in Mississauga. Some programs may allow you to work without a work permit. For instance, a business visitor under the International Mobility Program who has no impact on the labor market in Canada may not require a work permit. However, a lecturer, a religious worker, a counselor, or a skilled worker needs a work permit to work in Canada.

For premier immigration services, visit our dedicated Work Permit Consultants in Mississauga. We offer expert guidance and support throughout the permit application process, ensuring a seamless experience. Trust us to pave the way for your work permit success.

There are two work permits – open work permits for Consultants in Mississauga and employer-specific work permits. A genuine work permit allows you to work for any employer in Canada except those on the ineligible employer’s list. An employer-specific work permit allows you to work for only a specific employer and outlines the duration of your work permit and work location.


Our Commitment:

Based on your situation, we at Impulse Immigration help you determine which work permit you may be eligible for. Choosing the work permit ideal for your circumstances can be a tricky affair. We guide you in making a well-educated decision about the appropriate work permit and hand you through the entire application process to ensure a favorable outcome—all this at an affordable fee, with flexible payment plans.

Work Permit Criteria

Usually, in most cases, foreign workers need to obtain a job offer with a positive LMIA to get a Canadian work permit. Still, sometimes, workers, including graduates from DLI, can also apply for the license without having any LMIA. Whatever the circumstances, all foreign workers must convince the Canadian officer that they will leave Canada once their work permit expires.

In addition, they must have sufficient funds in their bank account to support themselves financially, not have any medical or criminal inadmissibilities, and submit required documents to prove their eligibility to enter Canada. Our work permit consultant in Mississauga at Impulse Immigration will assist you in gathering all necessary paperwork on time, minimizing delays and errors in your application.

LMIA is not Required for Every Work Permit in Canada

Temporary foreign worker programs, global talent stream, and facilitated LMIA (Quebec) require a positive LMIA. Still, on the other hand, intra-company transfers, NAFTA work permits, CETA work permits, and international mobility programs don’t require LMIA except for an employment contract or a job offer. Open work permits such as spousal sponsorship from inside Canada, PGWP, IEC, and POWP don’t require any job offer or LMIA. Canadian permanent residents don’t need to obtain a work permit to work in Canada, as it is their right to live and work anywhere in Canada…

Why Choose Impulse Immigration?

Thorough Guidance

With expert knowledge of immigration rules and regulations, we will assess your ability for several work permits and assist you in choosing the most suitable one that meets all the necessary criteria.

Customized Solution

Since every case is different, our professional work permit consultant will guide you through creating a personalized strategy to maximize your chances of securing a work permit quickly.

Application Submission

Our work permit consultant in Mississauga will assist you in preparing a compelling application that showcases your skills, experience, and potential contributions to Canada. This can increase your chances of receiving a work permit approval.

Communicate on Your Behalf and Offer Post Approval Support

We will contact immigration authorities throughout the process, providing updates about the procedure and offering post-approval support to help you settle into a new work environment.