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Study Permit

Study Permit

Canada is home to about half a million students from across the globe. The demand for Canada as a study hub is increasing by the day, purely due to its world-class education system. Most of the diploma and degree programs allow the students to work part-time. This exposes them to the Canadian job market, thus giving their careers a boost and increasing their prospects of living permanently. The post-graduation work permit and other types of work permits allow students to work temporarily and gradually transition to becoming permanent residents.

The Student Direct Stream allows for faster processing for residents living in India, Pakistan, Brazil, China, Antigua and Barbuda, Costa Rica, Morocco, Peru, Colombia, Philippines, Senegal, Vietnam, Trinidad and Tobago, and Saint Vincent and Grenadines. Students living elsewhere in the world need to apply through the Regular Study Permit process.

The first step towards obtaining a Canadian study visa is to secure a letter of acceptance from a Designated Learning Institute. The student also needs to prove that they can support themself and other accompanying family members, while they are in Canada. Apart from these requisite documents, a student may also need to provide a letter of explanation and other documents, as may be required by the visa officer.


Our Commitment:

Impulse Immigration assists you in preparing an infallible study permit application. Our affiliations with colleges and universities in Canada help you in securing admission to the right degree/diploma program in the best college/university. We also help you prepare simultaneous work permit or study permit applications for your immediate family members, while also advising on the proof-of-funds requirement for your family. All other formalities, such as filing the application form, documentation, and other paper work are also duly taken care of by our committed team.

Study Permit and Student Visa

Students must apply for a study permit visa if they want to continue their higher studies in Mississauga, Canada for more than 6 months from a designated learning institution. Candidates can continue their studies without any permit if the duration is less than 6 months. Remember that a student visa and a study permit are two different documents. A student visa allows students to enter Canada, but a study permit allows them to stay in Canada to complete their studies. Students with their study permits are allowed to work part-time for 20 hours during their studies.

At Impulse Immigration Consultancy, our immigration consultants will consider all the factors, such as your chosen program, financial capacity, and compliance with requirements, to assess your eligibility for a study permit visa in Mississauga. In case you are required to attend an interview, we will also provide guidance and effective tips to ensure you are well-prepared.

The Application Process for a Study Permit

  • Find the right course and an DLI to study in (you can find the list of DLI’s on the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada website)
  • Apply for a study permit with the help of expert immigration consultants.
  • Submit the necessary documents, including a copy of your passport, proof of financial support, your letter of acceptance from a DLI, a police certificate, and a medical exam report.
  • Pay the application fees.

Biometric Information

You must give your biometrics while applying for a study permit for Canada. But in case you want to give your biometric with your application, you must go in person to the nearest visa application center.

Study Permit Visa Extension

Canada has more than 400 universities that offer international students admission in Canada. The candidates must follow some requirements, including


  • They must hold a valid study permit
  • Must have applied for an extension before the current one expires.
  • Must be enrolled in a study program at DLI
  • Must provide evidence of financial capacity to pay for tuition fees and other costs such as accommodation.

Undoubtedly, the student visa and study permit visa process is complicated and time-consuming. But with our experts at Impulse Immigration Consultancy in Mississauga by your side, you can maximize your chances of approval and start the educational journey in Canada with confidence!