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Apply for Canadian Citizenship in Mississauga

Apply for Canadian Citizenship in Mississauga

The Canadian passport is amongst the 20 most potent tickets in the world. According to a recent report, the Canadian passport ranks a spot higher than the US passport. Canada also allows dual citizenship, meaning you do not have to surrender your original citizenship if your home country also allows dual citizenship. Acquiring Canadian citizenship is either through birth or naturalization. To be eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship through naturalization, the applicant must:

  • Be a permanent resident
  • Have lived in Canada for 1,095 days in the last 5 years
  • File taxes, if applicable
  • Prove language abilities in English or French
  • Pass a citizenship test

Our Commitment :

Suppose you are still determining the number of days spent within Canada in the last five years or have been in and out of Canada for business, work, or leisure purposes. In that case, Impulse Immigration will do the math and determine if you qualify to apply for Canadian citizenship. We prepare your entire citizenship application package with proper documentation and paperwork. We advise you on your tax liability (if any) and language test (if applicable). Impulse Immigration also provides valuable reference material to help you ace the citizenship test and acquire the much-coveted Canadian citizenship.

Prohibitions Regarding Canadian Citizenship

You must know these prohibitions if you want to apply for Canadian Citizenship in Mississauga

· Committing a crime in or outside Canada doesn’t allow you to become a Canadian citizen for a specific timeframe. 

· If you have been convicted for an indictable offense in or outside within the 4 years before applying for Citizenship

· If you are on parole, in prison in Canada, or have served a sentence outside Canada.

· If you are charged with an appeal of an indictable offense in Canada, 

 Undoubtedly, Canadian Citizenship comes with residency and physical presence requirements. Our consultants will guide you in meeting all the requirements and help you apply for Canadian Citizenship in Mississauga

Canadian Citizenship Test and Oath Requirements for Citizenship Application

Permanent residents in Canada who want to become citizens must pass the Canadian citizenship test, which is based on Canadian history, Canadian government and politics, rights and responsibilities, and symbols and values. Candidates must answer at least 15 questions out of 20 correctly to pass the test; remember that the test is available in both English and French. 

 All applicants age 14 or older must take the oath of Citizenship at the ceremony to become Canadian citizens, apart from candidates with mental disabilities. During the ceremony, you must promise to obey Canada’s laws and respect all Canadians’ rights and freedoms.

Advantages of Canadian Citizenship

Though Canadian permanent residents get most of the benefits as Canadian citizens, there are some advantages only a citizen can get. 

· Right to vote for provincial, federal, and municipal elections

· Canadian citizens can run for office in municipal, provincial, or federal elections.

· Visit other countries without obtaining any visa.

· Canadian citizens can live anywhere in the World.

Language Test for Canadian Citizenship

Candidates aged between 18 and 54 must submit evidence of language proficiency in English or French if they intend to apply for Canadian Citizenship. They can submit third-party test results from organizations including the International English Language Testing System, Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program and Test d’Évaluation de Français. If the candidates have completed a post-secondary education in English or French, there is no need to take the IELTS.